The European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) has conducted an observational study to determine the rate of occurrence of invasive mould disease (IMD) and treatment outcomes in at-risk patients. It is the first study of its kind in IMD.

European hospitals with haematology units and/or transplant centres that frequently treat patients for AML/MDS, or recipients of an allogeneic HSCT, or both, have participated. 1243 patients were recruited, of which 1205 were considered suitable for inclusion in the analysis.”

This ECMM study is supported by an independent investigator research grant from Pfizer.

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Study rationale

Limited multi-centre data exists documenting the incidence of invasive mould disease in Europe, nor quantifying the impact of pre-emptive therapy on patient outcomes. Such data would provide a firm foundation for the development of recommended targeted treatment strategies, including the place of specific therapeutic agents, and would in turn support the implementation of local integrated care pathways to improve patient outcomes.

Countries and sites taking part in PIMDA

Austria 3 sites
Belgium 5 sites
Croatia 2 sites
Czech Republic 2 sites
France 3 sites
Germany 5 sites
Hungary 1 site
Israel 2 sites
Italy 3 sites
Netherlands 1 site
Poland 1 site
Portugal 1 site
Russia 2 sites
Slovakia 1 site
Spain 4 sites
Turkey 5 sites
UK 2 sites